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  1. Valuation files should be delivered in the format: *.dxf, *.dwg, *.stp or *pdf for sheet metal details (2D) and should have an extension for bent elements. We accept documentation in electronic form in the above-mentioned formats, without scaling dimensions and annotations. It is possible to create executive documentation for a fee.
  2. Provide 1:1 scale 2D drawings;
  3. Orders based on a finished detail extend the valuation time. This involves the work of a technologist, which can be added to the valuation;
  4. The inquiry should contain the following information:
    Material type (thickness, grade)
    Material: contractor or entrusted
    Number of details
    Operations to be quoted (cutting, bending, welding, etc.)
    Estimated order completion date
  5. Each inquiry is considered individually. We do not price laser cutting per linear meter or per kilogram.
  6. The minimum order amount is PLN 200 net (the amount does not include transport costs and material costs)
  7. The price offer sent does not include deburring, surface cleaning, edge chamfering and additional processing.
    In the case of requirements treatment, this should be indicated in the submitted inquiry.
  8. Accuracy of sheet metal cutting up to 10 mm thick ± 0.1 ÷ 0.4 mm. Obtained surface roughness Ra = 3 ÷ 10. Thickness and flatness of the sheet and surface condition in accordance with the applicable deviations of metallurgical standards.
  9. During cutting at the beginning of the laser operation, a burr is formed as a result of the so-called microjoints. The valuation does not include the removal of this burr.
  10. During burning, melting may occur at the point of entry and exit of the laser beam, which is beyond our control.
  11. Due to the contact of the lower surface of the metal sheet with the grate of the machine's working table, it is not possible to completely protect it against scratching. The prices quoted do not include the removal of possible scratches from this surface by polishing or otherwise.
  12. Tolerances for bent elements for a material thickness of up to 5 mm and a length of 3000 mm are as follows:
    – for linear dimensions – +/-0.1 – 0.4 mm
    – for angular dimensions +/- 2o
    There is a risk that after the bending process, the detail support lines on the matrix will remain visible. The prices quoted do not include their removal.
  13. At the customer's request, we return the waste after informing about the need in the order.

We provide cutting and bending services in accordance with the technical capabilities of our machine park and our guidelines. By accepting the offer, the customer also accepts the parameters and conditions for making details on our machines.